Topher’s 2016: Movies

Like yesterday’s look at gaming, this is all about the movies I saw for the first time in 2016. I’ll break it down by method of viewing, and I’ll throw some overall thoughts at the end.

I watched 123 new (for me) movies in 2016, a personal high. Most of these came out prior to 2016, but quite a few were released in 2016.


  • I liked most of these. Movies I liked a lot are in italics. Movies I loved are in bold italics.
  • Neither of the above account for movies that I thought were fantastic but didn’t quite move me on a personal level.
  • There are some movies on this list that I absolutely hated. They will not be marked in any way.

Enough stalling. Here’s the list:


  1. The Hateful Eight
  2. The Revenant
  3. Room
  4. The Big Short
  5. Brooklyn
  6. Deadpool
  7. The Witch
  8. Zootopia
  9. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  10. The Jungle Book [2016]
  11. Captain America: Civil War
  12. The Nice Guys
  13. Central Intelligence
  14. The Shallows
  15. The Conjuring 2
  16. Swiss Army Man
  17. Ghostbusters [2016]
  18. Lights Out
  19. Sausage Party
  20. Don’t Breathe
  21. Morgan
  22. Sully
  23. Blair Witch
  24. Ouija: Origin of Evil
  25. Doctor Strange
  26. Arrival
  27. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  28. Moana
  29. La La Land
  30. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  31. Passengers
  32. Lion

Streaming Services

  1. The Lazarus Effect
  2. Dream House
  3. Short Term 12
  4. Hush
  5. Minions
  6. Training Day
  7. Hercules [1997]
  8. Darkman
  9. Goosebumps
  10. Man Up
  11. Dark Skies
  12. The Hallow
  13. American Ultra
  14. Visions
  15. Maggie
  16. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
  17. The Pursuit of Happyness
  18. Primer
  19. The Mist
  20. They Look Like People
  21. Blue Ruin
  22. Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows
  23. ARQ
  24. Creep
  25. Fire in the Sky
  26. The Overnight
  27. The Girl in the Book
  28. The Den
  29. Haunter
  30. The Ones Below
  31. The Uninvited
  32. These Final Hours
  33. The Awakening
  34. Pontypool
  35. Southbound
  36. The House of the Devil
  37. The ‘Burbs
  38. Goodnight Mommy
  39. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House
  40. The Neon Demon
  41. The House at the End of Time
  42. Stardust

Rented (digital outlets and Redbox)

  1. Bridge of Spies
  2. Spotlight
  3. The Visit
  4. The Walk
  5. The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials
  6. The Peanuts Movie
  7. Sicario
  8. Crimson Peak
  9. The Invitation
  10. Midnight Special
  11. Poltergeist [1982]
  12. The Lobster
  13. Green Room
  14. Keanu
  15. The Purge: Election Year
  16. Now You See Me 2
  17. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  18. Kubo and the Two Strings

Owned on Blu-ray

  1. We Are Still Here
  2. The Road Warrior
  3. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
  4. Insidious Chapter 3
  5. The Martian
  6. Mad Max: Fury Road
  7. The Good Dinosaur
  8. Phone Booth
  9. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
  10. Gattaca
  11. Drive
  12. Predestination
  13. The Guest
  14. Equilibrium
  15. Horns
  16. Sunshine
  17. Jennifer’s Body
  18. Raiders of the Lost Ark (I know…)
  19. Chef
  20. Insomnia
  21. Following
  22. The Machinist
  23. Let’s Be Cops
  24. Safety Not Guaranteed
  25. Rosemary’s Baby
  26. Never Let Me Go
  27. 12 Monkeys
  28. Aliens (again, I know…)
  29. The Terminator (I still know…)
  30. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (yep…)
  31. Finding Dory

Some thoughts:

There was a stretch in the middle of the year that was made up of a pretty rough patch of quantity over quality watching, primarily through streaming services. I probably should have stopped watching many of these well before the end—and this list would’ve been a bit longer if I hadn’t picked up that skill later in the year.

There’s a lot of horror on here, a genre I typically enjoy more than most. That wasn’t really the case in 2016, a year in which I saw a lot of horror movies, enjoyed some, and loved none. Given the current political climate in the United States (and the world, really), I’m anticipating a continued move away from horror and toward escapist fun in 2017. Anything’s possible, though, and I’d love to get pulled back into the genre.

I’ll probably toss something approaching a top ten list up over the next week or so, but I saw so many of the big 2016 movies in January that it doesn’t make much sense as part of this post.

I’m hoping to reach a similar tally in 2017, but I’ve learned my lesson. There will be fewer “I pay for this service and this looks not terrible” movies on the list, with my personal movie watching taking a much stronger emphasis on quality and/or enjoyment.

What movies did you see and love in 2016?



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