An under the weather weekend recap

I’ve been sick since Friday, so the last few days haven’t exactly been action-packed. Naps, restless nights of sleep, and hours spent in a fog couldn’t keep me from doing things this weekend, though. Even if most of those things involved sitting on the couch and staring at screens.

Yes, I am going to pretend that this was somehow different from almost every other weekend of my life.

Captain Fantastic

Thursday night definitely is not part of the weekend, but I make the rules here (and this would be way too short if I didn’t include it.

Written and directed by Matt Ross, Captain Fantastic tells the intelligent, captivating, eventually heartwarming story of Ben (Viggo Mortensen) and his children reintegrating into society after years of being survivalists in the Washington wilderness. Viggo Mortensen gives a spectacular performance as the patriarch of a very unique family with a healthy resistance to many modern American values.

Whether you’re into the back to basics way of life sought by the family, the screen-obsessed, capitalist nature they rally against, or anywhere in the middle, there’s a lot to love about Captain Fantastic. Highly recommended.



I already reviewed the movie here, so there’s no need for detail. I’ll just leave it at this: none of the shorts in XX are likely to stick with you, but it’s an enjoyable 80 minutes.



It’s been a while since an iOS game pulled me in, but Reigns broke the streak. I know I’m a little late on it, but it’s a blast.

Players fill the role of a series of kings, the same mind and spirit cursed to rule forever without the gift of immortality. Gameplay consists of binary choices presented by a series of allies and companions who have unique personalities despite existing solely as digital cards. There are tasks/challenges to complete and there’s plenty of charm to maintain interest.


The Lego Movie

This movie is great.

But you probably already know that. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen it at this point, and there are going to be many, many more viewings in the future. What’s not to love about a movie that gives you witty, irreverent comedy, beautiful brick-based animation, and Unikitty?

And of course there’s this:



Bright, energetic, stupid local multiplayer fun. Developed by Breakfall, Starwhal puts you in control of space-faring sea creatures with ridiculous outfits in a handful of competitive game modes. There are single player challenges, too, but I haven’t touched those.

I never would have bothered with this if it hadn’t been on PlayStation Plus this month, but I’m glad I checked it out. It’s a nice change of pace from Lego Dimensions and other co-op for the wife and I.



Despite tons of jokes that just aren’t funny now and an overly white cast, this show holds up even over a decade after its finale. Thanks to Netflix and not wanting to move off the couch, I watched easily 50 episodes this weekend for what feels like the thousandth time. I regret nothing.


Other thoughts

Another weekend, another missed opportunity for playing Dishonored 2. It’s been at the top of my backlog since I finished the first one last month, but I keep gravitating toward smaller experiences. Yes, I’m fully aware that I probably could have finished Dishonored 2 in the time I’ve spent with those small experiences. Yes, I know it’s worth the time. And yes, I have failed.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is just eight days away, and there’s a one hundred percent chance I’m going to start playing it as soon as I can. I’m hoping to get some time with Dishonored 2 before Aloy and robotic dinosaurs monopolize my time, but my current inability to narrow down from five separate writing projects (plus this blog) brings that into question.

Whatever I end up getting to next, at least I can take solace in the fact that everything is awesome.



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