Thoughts on March’s PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold games

There’s an ongoing trend around the internet of complaining about the games included in both PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold. I’m not going to do that (and not just because there are games I’m actually interested in coming to both services this month).

I know you already know what these games are. I’m not trying to break news here, just provide some thoughts on what we’re getting with our subscriptions.

PlayStation Plus

Disc Jam, developed by High Horse Entertainment
Disc Jam is coming to PlayStation Plus March 7, courtesy PlayStation

PlayStation Plus is headlined by the new air hockey/table tennis/pong combination Disc Jam for PlayStation 4. I had the pleasure of checking this game out at last year’s PlayStation Experience, and it’s a blast. It’s simple to pick up and play, but it seems like there’s enough depth to keep things interesting.

It’s joined on PS4 this month by Tearaway: Unfolded, Media Molecule’s cute, charming former PlayStation Vita exclusive that simply didn’t hold my interest, and isometric adventure game Lumo (technically included as a Vita game, but it’s crossbuy with PS4). I’ve been interested in Lumo since hearing about it, but never enough to pick it up at any of its many discounted prices during weekly and flash sales.

The real headline here as far as I’m concerned is the other Vita game: Drinbox Studios’ Severed. It’s an excellent game that makes great use of the Vita’s features, and I’m a little jealous of all the people who get to experience it for the first time.

PlayStation 3 gets Under Night: In-Birth and Earth Defense Force 2025. I’m going to be honest: I only vaguely know what one of these is and I’ve never heard of the other one.

Games With Gold

Xbox One’s Games With Gold kicked off yesterday with Layers of Fear. I’ve been interested in the psychological horror walking simulator, but again never enough to buy it. Mediocre reviews and an abundance of other things to play and do right now have this one on the back burner. Maybe sitting off to the side and waiting to get on the back burner.

It’s joined later this month by Turtle Rock’s Evolve. Multiplayer games have never really been my thing, but I really like the idea behind this 4v1 game. Not as interested in its master class in logo design, though. I mean, look at this:

Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios/2K Games

Xbox 360 gets Borderlands 2 and Heavy Weapon. I’m sure Borderlands is at least close to as good as people have said it is, but the Handsome Collection is cheap enough that I’d pick that up if I were looking to get into it.

Will I actually play any of these besides Disc Jam? My track record with PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold games says no. But we’ll see—though I can guarantee these games aren’t intriguing enough to get me to spend any time with my PS3 or Xbox 360 this month.



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