A quick update


I switched from a self-hosted WordPress blog to a free WordPress.com blog this morning. Things look slightly different, but it’s nice to not have to deal with the headaches of getting everything working properly. Not to mention that whole free thing. Some Words is dead, and topherwrites.wordpress.com is the new home for whatever nonsense I decide to throw onto the internet.

It’s a pretty big weekend for entertainment, too.

I’m about 14 hours into Horizon Zero Dawn at this point. I’m still loving it, even when I forget to swing by a campfire before doing something stupid and I lose way too much progress.

The much anticipated (by me and just about everyone I can think of) Logan is in theaters. I’ll be seeing it first thing tomorrow morning. A review will show up at some point this weekend. Probably.

Nintendo’s Switch portable/console hybrid is out now. I didn’t buy one, and I don’t plan on doing so until I see some evidence that I won’t feel totally burned by the purchase. Breath of the Wild finally coming out and the promise of Super Mario Odyssey provide some temptation, but I need more. I really want to play Breath of the Wild, though.

Yes, I know I could play Breath of the Wild on my Wii U if I could be bothered to power it up and install whatever updates have accumulated over the last year plus. No, I’m not going to do that. The Switch version is obviously the best version, and I’m not going to subject myself to a sub-par experience. Even if it means potentially waiting a very long time to play the game.

Plus, I still have many, many more hours of Horizon Zero Dawn waiting for me.

ps: Maybe don’t taste your Switch cartridges. I don’t know why Jeff Gerstmann did it in the first place, or if it even started with him, but just don’t.

pps: Or do. Just make sure you put it on YouTube.




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