A mid-March weekend recap

I saw a movie. I watched some stuff on Netflix. I played a couple games.

These are exciting times.

Beauty and the Beast

Reviewed here, so I’m just using this space to congratulate Disney, director Bill Condon, and the stars on Beauty and the Beast‘s huge opening weekend. It pulled in an estimated $170 million in the US, setting records for largest March opening, largest PG-rated opening, and largest opening of 2017 (though that title won’t stay). Its $352 million worldwide is a solid start, too.

I loved it, and I definitely recommend seeing it if you have even a passive interest.

[information pulled from Box Office Mojo.]

The Office

I’m on to season 6 on this time through the show on Netflix, meaning the downward spiral is well under way. I’ve made it past the infamous (to me, at least) clip show, but I’ve seen these enough times to really just focus on the good in each episode. It doesn’t hurt that The Office falling short of its best is still pretty enjoyable.

That one iOS game I played for a few minutes, didn’t enjoy, deleted, and promptly forgot

Not much to say here, obviously.



The next two are related, so there’s going to be a little bit of a preamble before recapping them.

I turned my Wii U on yesterday—the first time in well over a year. I’d like to say I was pleasantly surprised, but…

I was immediately bombarded with all the reasons I haven’t been using the system, aside from the lack of really interesting games. The UI is atrocious, a product of 2006 released in 2012. The gamepad is unwieldy and low-res, making it a frustrating at best way to interact with video games (luckily not much of an issue yesterday), and it’s absurdly slow. I’d also forgotten how uncomfortable holding a Wii Remote sideways can be.

My time with it was enjoyable enough—meaning I would have rather been playing on almost any other game system but it was preferable to not playing games at all. I hope for the sake of everyone who’s picked up a Switch that the experience is 1000 times better than that of the Wii U.

Pikmin 3

This was my first experience with Pikmin in any capacity, so I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I played a couple co-op missions with my wife and that’s about all I have to say on the matter. I didn’t really enjoy my time with it (which may be related to not really knowing what I was supposed to be doing), but I didn’t not enjoy it. I played it, then I stopped playing it.

Life went on.

Mario Kart 8

I probably should have turned motion controls off. The game’s fun enough, but it just doesn’t really do it for me anymore. Nothing since Mario Kart 64 has, though.

I also downloaded some DLC I purchased who knows how long ago. Didn’t do anything with it, though. Which pretty much sums up owning a Wii U.



To sum up: Beauty and the Beast is great, Netflix is an integral part of my life, and the Wii U will continue to sit on the middle shelf of my TV stand.

Special bonus section: shoutout to the LA Marathon, which made getting anywhere north of my apartment all but impossible for a good chunk of Sunday. Of course driving anywhere in LA at any time can be frustrating, so limiting people to two north-south routes is a recipe for road rage (not mine) and concentrated smog. Not a great combination. The lesson? Don’t bother trying to go outside.

What did you watch/play/do this weekend? What should I be filling my time with? Let me know in the comments.


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