Looking back at Q1 2017

I set a few entertainment goals for 2017 at the beginning of the year:

  1. Watch 100 movies, at least one each week (never watched before)
  2. Play and finish at least 15 games already in my collection (never finished before, played is okay)
  3. Read 26 books (never read before)

Three months into the year, some of these are looking a lot more achievable than others. Let’s take a look at what I’ve done so far below.


I’m on track with movies so far this year. Note that this is not movies released in 2017 (which would be absurd). Here’s what I’ve seen so far this year, which will just be listed and not broken up by how, when, or where I saw each movie:

  1. Hell or High Water
  2. Manchester By The Sea
  3. The Secret Life of Pets
  4. A Monster Calls
  5. Bad Moms
  6. Southside With You
  7. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  8. Deepwater Horizon
  9. Hidden Figures
  10. Don’t Think Twice
  11. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
  12. Moonlight
  13. Storks
  14. Fences
  15. Paddington
  16. The Lego Batman Movie
  17. Captain Fantastic
  18. XX
  19. Hacksaw Ridge
  20. Get Out
  21. The Edge of Seventeen
  22. Logan
  23. Trolls
  24. Beauty and the Beast
  25. Power Rangers

So I’m on track so far. Barely. Most of these viewings occurred in January, so I’m going to have to step it up to make sure I get there. Matching last year’s 122 new movies watched is looking a lot less likely (especially since I’m being much more selective about the movies I watch this year).


This one’s a little tricky. Do games started prior to but finished in 2017 count? If so, what percentage of the game needs to have been played in 2017? Do PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold games count? Or only those purchased, physical or digital?

I definitely intended this goal to apply to games I’ve purchased, primarily those currently taking up space on shelves next to my TV. Applying that restriction, the list looks like this:

  1. Lego Dimensions
  2. Dishonored: Definitive Edition (started in 2016)

Not great. Throwing in PlayStation Plus and GwG:

  1. Lego Dimensions
  2. Dishonored: Definitive Edition (started in 2016)
  3. Teslagrad (PlayStation Plus)
  4. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (PlayStation Plus)

Still not great, but technically on track—with a pretty important asterisk or two, though. I probably could have finished four or five games in the amount of time I spent with Horizon Zero Dawn, so chances are things are going to pick up the rest of the year. We’ll see.


One book every two weeks. It seemed like a reasonable goal. It probably was a reasonable goal. But that doesn’t mean I’m even close to it. Here’s what I’ve read so far this year:

  1. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
  2. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Yeah, that’s bad. The good news? I really enjoyed both of these books. And I’m almost halfway through A Gathering of Shadows, the sequel to A Darker Shade of Magic. So that’s something, I guess.



I’ve got a lot of ground to make up if I want to achieve my yearly goals, but I’m staying confident that I can get there. Yes, even the books. I’ll be back with updated progress on June 30, and I’m hoping these will be a lot closer to my goals.

Do you set similar goals? Yes or no, what have you watched, played, or read this year? Anything I should check out? Let me know in the comments.


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