Gaming sequels I want (but know we’ll never get)

When a game like Mirror’s Edge can get a sequel years after release, saying a game will never get a sequel seems foolish at best. Even still, I don’t expect we’ll see any of the following any time soon—or ever, really. I’ll always try to keep hope alive, though.

Dead Space 4

Dead Space PS3 Screenshot, EA
Dead Space, Visceral Games/EA

Dead Space is one of the greatest survival horror games ever created. This is a fact. It features a haunting atmosphere and setting in the USG Ishimura, and its unique approach to defeating enemies made it feel fresh and even more terrifying. The fact that players controlled an engineer and not an action hero intensified the suspense, and I’m honestly thinking about dropping everything and replaying it immediately now that I’m writing about it.

Its sequels followed the Alien path, moving from survival horror to action with horror elements by the end of Dead Space 3, with its once engineer Isaac Clarke now in full on action hero mode. Despite its tonal shift away from the original, I still loved the series all the way through. There weren’t enough people there with me, though, and the series was essentially shelved following the 2013 release of Dead Space 3, with developer Visceral moving on to Battlefield Hardline.

Visceral is currently hard at work on a Star Wars game written and directed by Amy Hennig (of Uncharted fame), though, so it’s hard to be upset about the lack of a new entry in the Dead Space series. I’d still love to see it, though.

Portal 3

It’s a well-known fact that Valve doesn’t like to make third entries in video game series, but I’d settle for Portal 2 Episode 2. Or anything.

Portal was a surprise hit in The Orange Box in 2007, but 2011’s Portal 2 took its gameplay and humor to new heights. It’s a masterpiece in gameplay, storytelling, comedy, and just about anything you can think of.

If nothing else, at least we got some pretty great Portal content in Lego Dimensions.

Until Dawn 2

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s a sequel to 2015’s sleeper hit Until Dawn in development somewhere at Sony. They’d be crazy to not be working on it. But it’s almost guaranteed to follow new characters in a brand new setting. I’d love to see a direct sequel to Until Dawn that uses save files from the original. It would feature whichever characters managed to survive the original struggling to move on from the tragedy and dealing with a new threat.

There are way too many moving pieces, though, and so much of the content required for such a game simply wouldn’t be seen by the majority of its potential players. As much as I’d love to see it, creating a sequel entirely dependent on a player’s specific results in the first game just isn’t a good investment of time or resources.

I guess I’ll just have to look forward to whatever Sony has planned.

Heavenly Sword 2

Heavenly Sword, an early PlayStation 3 exclusive, was far from perfect. It was a lot of fun, though, and it showed a hell of a lot of promise for something great given the opportunity for a sequel. Its combat is fun and fluid, and Heavenly Sword featured some of the best use of SIXAXIS controls ever in a video game. Honestly, it’s hard to think of a more satisfying control experience in the early days of PlayStation 3 than controlling Kai’s arrows with motion controls.

Developer Ninja Theory had reportedly written the sequel and planned a trilogy for Heavenly Sword, but they moved on to Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and later DmC. A sequel was in development but canceled at the former SCE Cambridge (which would become the now shuttered Guerrilla Cambridge), so I think it’s safe to say this one’s dead.

At least Ninja Theory’s upcoming Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice looks like it could be great.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

The core skating of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater took a backseat to antics and gimmicks, through THUG, American Wasteland, Project 8, Proving Ground, and several ridiculous spinoffs. I’d love to get back to the core of the series and ——

This came out? And it was terrible? I have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s no way Activision would wreck one of the most exciting gaming franchises of the late ’90s and early 2000s.



What games do you want to see but doubt we ever will? Let me know in the comments and we can mourn the loss of greatness together.


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