Earth saving Weekend Recap

This weekend was a lot more limited in its entertainment activities than typical weekends for me. This was totally because I was intentionally reducing my energy consumption for Earth Day, and it definitely had nothing to do with the multiple hours I put into the second draft/practically page one rewrite of this screenplay on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s rough.

I still had time for a few things, though.

The Office

Do I even need to include The Office in these things anymore? I feel like I should probably just make a note of weekends that don’t have a half-dozen or more episodes of The Office playing on whatever internet device I have around.

A lesson was learned, though: I enjoy and appreciate seasons eight and nine more every time I watch them. They’re not on the same level as The Office in its prime, but there are so many great moments and fun episodes in them.


It will be sad, sad day if/when The Office eventually leaves Netflix. Just don’t let Comcast and NBC know that’s a guaranteed way to get me (and probably a ton of other people) to buy the show.

Score Hero

Score Hero is an iOS game I played last year (mostly to pass the time at work, keep it quiet), but I recently found out more seasons had been added. I like soccer, but I don’t have the time or patience to get into FIFA. Score Hero filled the gap at the time, even if it’s just a series of levels in which you have to score x number of goals to advance. I remembered the game being a few steps short of greatness, but the rose colored glasses are gone.

Score Hero is a terrible game. It is, for all intents and purposes, a puzzle game. But the game’s AI, both on your team and on the opposition, is inconsistent. Reactions are not the same from attempt to attempt. Defensive players can make impossible leaps to intercept passes that went through on every previous attempt. Your own players will stop and force a pass at the worst angles, but almost never at the same ones as previous times through. The types of passes executed by your players will differ for no discernible reason, including weak ground passes for a pass that needs to cover the full width of the field.

It’s a puzzle game, but it’s a puzzle game that seems to actively hate the people playing it. Don’t bother.

(No, I did not expect to write so many words about a meaningless iOS game this morning. Such is life.)

Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals Poster
Nocturnal Animals, Focus Features

And now let’s shift gears to something I thoroughly enjoyed. That doesn’t quite feel like the right word, though. Nocturnal Animals is brutal. It’s tough to watch. But it’s even tougher to look away from. Tom Ford’s adaptation of Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan follows dual stories, one in the real* world and one in a novel written by Susan’s (Amy Adams) ex-husband Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal).

*I say this lightly, because few people in this section behave even remotely like human beings. 

That’s as far as I’m going to go in terms of plot here. Nocturnal Animals is a must-watch film. Full stop.

It’s full of excellent performances from a star-studded cast, but the shoutouts here go to Golden Globe nominee Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon. They both go all in on characters who could not be more different.

But seriously, go watch this movie.



And that was my weekend. Easy highlight here: Nocturnal Animals. Noticeably absent from this list: Dishonored 2 still sits atop my “to play” list, but there’s no chance of me playing anything this week. I’ll try to post every day, but I’m going to be busy staring at my computer screen and occasionally writing this draft.

I’d love to say I’ll get to it after the Nicholl deadline, but Prey comes out at the end of next week and will easily push Dishonored 2 down a rung on my priorities. I’ll get to it before I move, though.

Oh yeah: I’m leaving Los Angeles in late June/early July. I’m moving to Brooklyn and I could not be more excited to be back on the East Coast.

What did you see/watch/play/do/other action verb this weekend? Let me know in the comments.


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