Kingsman: The Golden Circle is going to be incredible

I’m awake too early after going to bed too late. My mind is racing with things I need to do to fix the screenplay I’m working on. I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick, which is one of the least helpful things that could happen right now.

But there’s a shining light in all this chaos, and I think you’re going to like it. Fox dropped the first official trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And it’s amazing.

Kingsman: The Secret Service was among my favorite movies of 2015. The Golden Circle looks be taking the route of being more of the same, but bigger and better. This is a good thing. Matthew Vaughn has already proven himself to be incredibly adept with big set pieces and spectacle, and it looks like we’re going to be getting a lot more of that when the film hits.

The Golden Circle is scheduled for a September 22 release, which is about 150 days too far away.

Note: I don’t intend to start posting trailers and other preview/hype stuff too often, but this was a perfect storm of elements that just couldn’t be avoided.


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