Some things I like: headphones and fidget edition

I’ve made a couple great purchases in the past few weeks. Here are some thoughts about those purchases.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods
Apple Airpods

I have a few sets of headphones and IEMs (understatement of the year), but it was time for something new. My ears love to annoy me, so I pretty much can’t do anything that actually goes in the ear canal for more than half an hour. I still wanted something small, so my options were pretty limited.

Cords are annoying pretty much all the time, and especially when working out. Although I have a Google Pixel at the moment, I’m planning on switching back to iPhone this fall—ideally with whatever the iPhone 8/iPhone X/iPhone ? turns out to be. So I figured now was the time to go Bluetooth. Now was the time to go with the AirPods.

They’re great. They don’t replicate the sound of my Sennheiser IE80s, but they’re not meant to. They do sound good, though. A lot better than I expected them to, honestly. The fit’s good, too. I’ve tested them out sitting, walking, and even running and I haven’t had any issues with fit. I was convinced they were going to fall out while I was running, to the point that I checked them every few seconds, but they never even started to come loose. The case is small enough that I’m just as likely to lose the whole thing as I am to lose an individual AirPod, but it also fits in the bonus pocket in my jeans, so I guess it’s cool.

Another positive: they don’t look nearly as ridiculous as I thought they would.

Topher + AirPods = ?
The same can’t be said for my hair.

Ansty Labs’ Fidget Cube

I’m a fidgeter, nervous and otherwise. I’ve been known to fidget any time I’m not actively doing something else, and often even when I am. I’m a relentless foot tapper/leg shaker. Even at 30, I still have occasional problems with biting fingernails and picking at the cuticles and skin around them. The latter is much more problematic than the former, but Antsy Labs’ Fidget Cube will hopefully eliminate all of them, instead allowing me take my nervous energy to its six sides and activities.

Fidget Cube
Antsy Labs’ Fidget Cube in Retro

The sides are as follows: five buttons to press, a switch to flick, a wheel to spin, a 3DS-like thumb stick to slide, a smooth surface that’s oddly relaxing, and a ball/gears to roll and turn. Whatever kind of fidgeting mood you’re in, or whatever your fidgeting tendencies lean toward, Fidget Cube probably has something that will work for you. My personal preference: the ball and gears.

If you’re a fidgeter or you know someone who is, I highly recommend picking up a Fidget Cube. I know there are a lot of cheap knock offs out there, but I hope you’ll opt for the original to support the people who came up with the idea in the first place. Check it out here.


Note: I got absolutely nothing for writing about these products and I will get absolutely nothing if you click the link and buy a Fidget Cube.

Have you picked up anything cool or useful (preferably both) lately? Hit the comments and let me know what I should be checking out.


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