Three pages from my latest screenplay

If you’ve read any of my posts after the past couple weeks, chances are you’ve seen mention of a screenplay I was ‘finishing’ for this year’s Nicholl Fellowship screenplay competition.

It’s called Undone. It’s a fantasy/horror-adjacent adventure story. It still needs a lot of work (which I would continue to say even if this thing were purchased and produced), but I promised to share a few pages and I’m not going to be a liar. Check out the first three pages after the break.

Enjoy some JPGs of PDFs—inarguably the best way to read anything.

Undone 5 1 2017 title page

Undone 5 1 2017 page 1

Undone 5 1 2017 page 2

Undone 5 1 2017 page 3


I hope you enjoyed that quick glimpse of the screenplay I tortured myself with for six weeks thanks to starting way too late into competition season. Let me know what you think, but maybe don’t be a total jerk. Or do. Your call.



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