Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

I spent most of the weekend in San Diego, so this is going to be a lighter recap than most. Instead of sitting around and being generally awesome I actually went outside and did things. It was weird.

San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park. Lucha Libre Taco Shop. The Baked Bear. La Jolla Cove. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. Cabrillo National Monument. All fun, but they definitely limited my screen time this weekend. They couldn’t completely pull me away, though.

The Office

Of course.


I can’t remember where we were or even how many years ago it was, but my wife and I came across the mindless gem that is Ridiculousness while flipping through channels on a hotel TV. It’s become a vacation staple for us, largely due to the fact that it’s apparently always on.

What could be better than watching weird/stupid/awesome videos while also watching people watch those videos? Nothing. Am I recommending that you seek the show out? Of course not. But you will find it. Or it will find you. And the results will be glorious.

Saturday Night Live

Another solid episode of SNL this weekend. Donald Trump and his band of misfits had a hell of a week last week, so it was a sure thing that his administration would be skewered. Melissa McCarthy had some good moments, but the latest chapter of her Sean Spicer saga was the clear highlight of her time on screen.

The episode’s real high point came surprisingly early, though. It was as much truth as it was comedy, but Michael Che’s “nothing matters” as Lester Holt in the Trump interview cold open was the clear line of the night.

Highlight: SNL takes the cake (and pie) here. Nothing was as absurdly fun as Mikey Day and Chris Pine having a backpack fashion show, but there was a lot to like again.

On the way: I have a couple expiring rentals, so The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Elle will probably be the next two things I watch. And a second round with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 seems inevitable once the weekend hits. I finished Dishonored 2 for the second time early on Friday, so I probably won’t be diving into Prey (or any other game) this week. We’ll see.

What did you watch/play/read/do this weekend? Let me know in the comments.


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