The TV shows I’m most excited to see this fall

I’ve written before about how little TV I watch, but that problem typically doesn’t transfer to new shows. I typically pick a handful of shows to check out each season, and I actually end up sticking with one or two of them every year. So today’s going to be all about the shows I’m most looking forward to seeing.

Timeless (NBC)

It’s not a new show, but the miracle of its return is enough to give it a place on this list anyway. I like Timeless a lot (read: probably more than I should), so I was really disappointed to hear NBC axed it last week. It was good in its first season and showed a lot of promise of being even better in its second, making its early demise more of a bummer for me than other one and done TV shows in recent memory.

Then some sort of miracle happened and the powers at NBC decided we’re still allowed to have nice things and it came back from cancellation.

Now, onto the new shows I’m hoping will be worth watching.

The Gifted (Fox)

Kids with superpowers. A family on the run from a government agency. A family adventure drama set in the X-Men Universe. This doesn’t even need to be good for me to like it. If it is good, though, I’m going to love it.

Ghosted (Fox)

Total honesty here: I didn’t enjoy this trailer. At all. But it’s (presumably) a comedy featuring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC)

I gave up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. early last season, and everything I’ve read about it since then points to that being a mistake. I’m not going to sleep on this one, though I have plenty of doubts about Black Bolt, Medusa and company working well on the small screen.



That’s it for the fall schedule, unfortunately. Most of the shows I’m interested in look like they’re being held for midseason debuts, but I can safely say I’m looking forward to seeing a couple familiar faces back on TV—Jenna Fischer in Splitting Up Together and Zach Braff in Alex, Inc. Judging based entirely on its premise, Reverie could be my favorite show of the new season.

What new shows are you most interested in? Let me know in the comments.


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