Mid-May Weekend Recap

This was the only weekend I didn’t have plans this month, which of course means my wife and I spent a lot of time trying to get rid of things and preparing to move. It wasn’t all work, though. Here’s what I watched and played this weekend:

The Office

Another weekend, another time finishing The Office on Netflix. But I think this might be my last time for a while. I’d like to say I’m going to use the time I would’ve been watching The Office to watch new shows, but I’ll probably just end up rewatching Parks and Recreation.

New Girl

New Girl isn’t going to go down as a classic sitcom, but it’s still full of great comedy—most of it involving Winston and Ferguson. Season five is where I started to lose interest the first time, and I can say with certainty now that it’s because the episodes without Zooey Deschanel made me realize how little I like Jessica Day. I’m glad Liz Meriwether and her team have the opportunity to end the show on their terms, but I won’t be coming back to see how things end.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The first two seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had their moments, and I’m confident that season three will have its moments too. The first two episodes didn’t have them, though, so we’ll see when I get around to watching the rest of the season. With so much to do, this just didn’t do enough to bring me back for the rest.

NXT TakeOver Chicago

I’ve become the guy who watches wrestling the morning after it airs (including last night’s Backlash currently playing on my TV as I’m writing this), so this is the only wrestling I watched this weekend. And it was such a good show I wouldn’t mind if there hadn’t been anything else.

There were some good matches on this card. Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young was a strong opener with plenty of nice back and forth action. The triple threat with Asuka vs. Nikki Cross vs. Ruby Riot had some solid spots, but it’s time for Asuka’s reign over NXT to end. Bobby Roode vs. Hideo Itami for the NXT Championship was another strong match, and the main event pitting the Authors of Pain against DIY for the NXT Tag Team Championship was full of energy—and of course the post-match beatdown Tommaso Ciampo gave Johnny Gargano was a brutal and wonderful way to set up what will hopefully be a long feud between the former partners.

Match of the night wasn’t even close, though. Inaugural WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate and new champion Pete Dunne put on a classic. Anyone curious about what professional wrestling can and often should be just needs to look at this match.

Fallout Shelter

Still playing it. Still enjoying it. We’ll see how much longer I limit myself to smaller games instead of playing something substantial.


I have no doubts that Elle is a good movie. It might even be a great movie. But I didn’t care for it at all. Every character in Elle emanates moral ambiguity leaning toward chaos, and its protagonist is so unlikeable it was almost impossible to care about her struggle. There’s more I could say, but I’m just going to leave it at that so I can stop filling my head with thoughts about it.

Saturday Night Live

Dwayne Johnson is one of my favorite actors, and The Rock is/was one of my favorite wrestlers. He’s also entertaining and captivating in a way few people are, so it was clear this season finale of SNL was going to be great thanks to his involvement.

It’s a bummer to be losing Vanessa Bayer so soon after debuting the hilarious Dawn Lazarus, but she had a great sendoff with plenty of featured spots throughout the night. Bobby Moynihan had a similarly nice final episode; his drunk uncle segment during Weekend Update was among the episode’s many laugh so hard you might cry moments.

Other highlights: the return of David S. Pumpkins Pimpkins in the already enjoyable rap track anchored by Kenan Thompson, the classic movie full of farts, and Dwayne Johnson’s child molesting robot all had me cracking up more than most segments since Louis CK’s monologue a few weeks ago.

Highlight of the weekend: Saturday Night Live. It wasn’t all hits, but the overstuffed rap track, the always great Weekend Update (we’ll miss you, Dawn Lazarus), and the supervillain competition were more than enough to make this a great season finale—not to mention a nice farewell to Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, and Sasheer Zamata.

On the way: The T-Mobile Tuesdays movie rentals and discounts from Google Play keep coming. I’ll be covering basically the entire spectrum of cinema with the next two rentals: The Red Turtle and Rings. Because why wouldn’t those two be together?

What did you watch/play/do this weekend? Let me know in the comments.


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