Everything I hope to watch and play before moving

The countdown is on. I’ll be getting in my car and starting the long, meandering drive from Los Angeles to New York City in 37 days. It seems distant on one hand, but way too close on the other. There’s a lot to do before then, but this post is going to be all about the fun stuff that’s going to have my eyes glued to screens between now and then.

Some things are givens. I’ll probably watch all of The Office on Netflix another time or two before the move despite trying my best to watch new things. There’s a lot of WWE TV between now and then, including two more PPV events, and I plan on watching all of it.

Here’s everything else I hope to have my eyes on over the next 37 days:

Movies (in theaters)

  1. Baywatch
  2. Alien: Covenant (maybe)
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. The Mummy
  5. It Comes At Night
  6. The Book of Henry
  7. The Big Sick
  8. Baby Driver

And I’m already overwhelmed. There’s no way I’ll be seeing all of these. I probably won’t even see half of these in theaters. But it’s nice to have dreams, right?

Movies: Blu-rays I probably shouldn’t have bought

I’ve talked about my unnecessarily large Blu-ray collection in passing a couple times. My wife and I dug into everything this past weekend and pulled a huge chunk aside to sell. I’ve seen a few of them and realized I’ll never watch them again. Many others will leave my life just as they entered it—unwatched. These are the few I hope to watch before (most likely) getting rid of them:

  1. 12 Years A Slave
  2. American Psycho
  3. The Bling Ring 
  4. The Book of Life
  5. Chappie
  6. The Crow
  7. The Descendants
  8. Dredd
  9. Due Date
  10. The Fighter
  11. Funny People
  12. Good Will Hunting
  13. The Great Gatsby
  14. High Fidelity
  15. Inside Llewyn Davis
  16. Jack Reacher
  17. Man of Steel
  18. Les Miserables
  19. Men In Black 3
  20. The Muppets
  21. Paranorman
  22. The Raid: Redemption
  23. The Royal Tenenbaums
  24. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  25. The Spectacular Now
  26. St. Vincent
  27. Submarine
  28. Super 8
  29. The Town
  30. V for Vendetta
  31. A Walk Among The Tombstones
  32. The Way Way Back
  33. What If

What was that about being overwhelmed earlier? I’m averaging about seven movies watched per month right now, so I’m thinking this is straight up impossible.

Movies: Rentals

T-Mobile Tuesdays are usually pretty cool, but the company just keeps convincing me to rent movies. Google keeps sending my wife promos for 99 cent rentals and we have a ton of credit across several platforms. The good news: we have 30 days to watch the rentals, so only the most recent ones will need to be watched before the move.

  1. The Red Turtle
  2. Rings
  3. Get Out (I loved it, but my wife hasn’t seen it)


Those last three sections definitely don’t have enough to keep me busy. Nope. None of these games need to be played before the move for any reason other than I love video games and I want to play them. Here’s what I’m hoping I can squeeze in:

  1. Prey (maybe)
  2. Quantum Break
  3. Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
  4. Hue
  5. Shadow Complex Remastered
  6. Fallout 4 DLC (primarily Far Harbor)

I’d love to put either Skyrim or The Witcher 3 on this list, but I know that’s just not going to work—especially since I’m hoping to come across a Switch and lose myself in Breath of the Wild, which would knock everything else off this list.


So… yeah, I need to go do some stuff. If you have any recommendations for where to start on this, let me know in the comments. Just please, please don’t give me more to add to the list. Unless it’s really good.



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