Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I spent the weekend at Disneyland with my wife and thousands upon thousands of strangers, so I didn’t really do a whole lot involving movies, TV, or games outside the context of the parks. I’ll be back with some extended thoughts on my two days spent at Disneyland in the next couple days. Until then, here are the few things I did watch and play over the weekend.


Baywatch poster beach balls
© Paramount

Baywatch is a movie. I have seen it. It’s not bad so much as it’s just not good (hopefully that makes sense), but it was still a decent amount of fun in the moment. I don’t regret watching it, but I also don’t remember many details about this largely forgettable movie. I may have a full review this week, but I’ll sum up my thoughts here just in case it doesn’t work out: *shrugs*

Modern Family

I’ve never had the desire to rewatch an episode of Modern Family despite its consistently high quality (especially through its early seasons), but staying at a hotel can make you do weird things. Jack Nicholson did whatever it is he did in The Shining. I watched a couple episodes of Modern Family before falling asleep Friday night.

Fallout Shelter

I played a bit more Fallout Shelter at the hotel this weekend before finally realizing something: I hate Fallout Shelter. It was a nothing time waster and I’m glad to have finally broken its hold on me and deleted it from my iPad.


Friends is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.  A lot of its comedy hasn’t aged well, but there’s still a timelessness about the exploits of six close friends in 1990s/early 2000s New York that pretty much guarantees I’ll continue watching it for a long time. But I probably don’t need to tell you what Friends is.

My only hope is that there will eventually be a way to stream the extended episodes from the DVD sets that introduced me to the show rather than the shortened and lacking episodes that apparently hit syndication and currently hold a permanent place on my Netflix list.

“Boy, bad time to say the wrong name, huh Ross?” Classic.



Highlight: Disneyland. I’m not sure there’s anything I could have watched or played that would have even come close to matching Disneyland’s magic and awesomeness.

On the way: Discounted rentals keep piling up. Rings and The Red Turtle are still on standby. My wife still needs to see Get Out. I’m still hoping to play another game or two before moving in 31 (!) days, and I think Titanfall 2 has jumped to the top of that list. I’ve heard some rumblings that Nintendo Switches are becoming a little easier to find, so that may be set aside in favor of way more Breath of the Wild than I have time to play.

What did you watch/play/do this weekend? Let me know in the comments.


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