E3 2017: EA Play

E3 2017 has (un)officially started, meaning nerds like me are going to be glued to their screens of choice for the next several days. EA kicked things off this afternoon with their EA Play conference, and it was…

Well, it happened. Some of it was interesting. A lot of it wasn’t. All of it was awkward to watch.

Madden 18 Gets a Sports Movie Story Mode

I’ve never been this interested in a sports game, and it’s 100% because of Mahershala Ali’s involvement, however limited it may be. Will it get me to play a Madden game? No. But it’s definitely interesting, even if it will most likely be full of cliches and sports movie tropes.

Battlefield 1 Gets Nighttime and Russia

I haven’t played Battlefield 1 despite all the great things that have been said about it, and I’m not big on competitive shooter multiplayer (or online multiplayer in general), so this didn’t do much for me. It sounds cool for people who get down with Battlefield, though, so have fun with its sure to be chaotic night maps and the In the Name of the Tsar expansion that takes the game to the Russian front.

Two Guys Said A Lot of Words About FIFA

Any momentum this conference might have had was gone in an instant. I don’t know who those dudes were, and it didn’t sound like anyone in the room with them knew either. They said a lot of words, and I think all of them were about FIFA 18.

Need for Speed Payback Has Cars and, uh… Payback?

Something something cars.

In all seriousness, Need for Speed Payback looks like a fun game I’m never going to get around to.

A Way Out = Day One Purchase

A Way Out still
A Way Out (Hazelight/EA)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an incredible game, and knowing A Way Out is coming from the people behind it was enough to sell me on the game. The good news? It looks like it could be great.

It’s a prison break game that’s best experienced as couch co-op, and it looks to expand on the unique gameplay ideas of Brothers. 2018’s not exactly close, but this is definitely looking like a game to watch next year.

Here’s a gameplay trailer:

Anthem Is The New Game From Bioware

Bioware’s next game got a quick teaser with a promise of more information (and gameplay!) coming at tomorrow’s Xbox press conference. So this is all I’ll be saying about it until then.

NBA Live 18 Exists Too, Because Why Not?

NBA Live hasn’t exactly been a success for EA in a long time, but they just keep trying to make it happen. The latest entry in the series will allow players to progress from playing on the street to playing in the NBA. Like most of these games, there wasn’t a whole lot to see here.

Star Wars Battlefront II Debuts

I’m not sure why EA decided to make a big deal about Battlefront II having a singe player mode as a lead-in to a lot of coverage of the game’s multiplayer. The game looks good, though, so I guess it’s okay.


Good news, every other company at E3: It’s practically impossible to have a worse showing than the one EA kicked things off with. I’ll be back tomorrow with thoughts on Microsoft and Bethesda’s conferences.

For now, what did you think of EA’s conference? What are you looking forward to playing? Let me know in the comments.


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