My First Few Days With Nintendo Switch

It didn’t take long for my opinion on the Switch to change before I even had it. What I initially thought was going to be another flop of a console for Nintendo quickly turned into something I found almost essential as a fan of games. After a few days with the Switch, I’m happy to say my initial impressions after the Switch’s reveal couldn’t have been more off the mark.

Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild, and MK8 Deluxe

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming system—possibly Nintendo’s best. It was worth getting to have Breath of the Wild on my TV and on the go, and everything Nintendo announced and showed at their Spotlight presentation Tuesday morning shows that it’s going to keep getting games to keep making the purchase worthwhile. If these games are even close to Breath of the Wild in quality, the Switch could become an essential system for everyone, not just for Nintendo fans.

I don’t think the Switch is going to permanently change the way I play games, but it certainly seems possible. There are always going to be games that don’t appear on the Switch, or games I’d rather play on a more powerful and capable console, but the fact that I can move my games from the TV to the system’s built-in screen in seconds feels like it could be a game-changer.

If I have a limited amount of time to play games, which I often do, I’m a lot more likely to play something I know I can take with me if I need to go out. That’s dependent on the Switch having enough games I’ll want to play at any given time, of course, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a problem.

A few quick thoughts on the games I’ve played so far:

  • Breath of the Wild feels like a perfect game at this point, and I’ve only scratched the surface. I’d barely started climbing my first obstacle before realizing everything I’ve heard about this game is right. This is something special. I’ve never been a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda, but I’ve played many of the series’ biggest games. Breath of the Wild is something else entirely.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best version of a game I wish I’d spent more time with on Wii U. But the Wii U was never the kind of system that actually made me want to spend time with it. The Switch, on the other hand, is something I pretty much always want to have around.
  • Snipperclips is a lot of fun, and it’s nice to have a good co-op experience waiting for those times when a single player game or the competitive nature of Mario Kart just isn’t working out.
  • Tumbleseed is tough. It’s challenging, and I haven’t even gotten close to beating it yet, but I love it. I could have played it elsewhere, but it seems to have found its perfect home on the Switch. HD Rumble is nice, but this is the kind of game that just feels right on a handheld.

If you have a Switch, what are your favorite experiences with it so far? If you don’t, what’s it going to take to get you to pick one up? Let me know in the comments.



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