I started a stupid Twitter account

I apparently don’t have enough on my plate already, so I created a very stupid Twitter account I plan on updating at least once a day. The internet is full of opinions, many of which are formed without enough (or any) information. This has somehow inspired me to do something.

The concept is simple: short (≤140 characters, obviously) reviews of movies and TV shows—written without watching them or with as little information as possible (or as though that’s the case). Yeah, I said it was stupid. But I hope it’ll be fun too. For you. I know it’ll be fun for me.

Check it out here:

I love movies. That’s probably obvious. This account is intended to be the dumbest possible way to celebrate that love. Please don’t take the “reviews” on there seriously. Or do. It’s your choice. But please don’t. This is meant to be fun, plain and simple. Regular reviews will still be here whenever I manage to see new movies, but I hope you’ll check this new thing out too.

If you’re interested, I’d appreciate a follow. If you enjoy it, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pets or whatever other animals are nearby… or keep it to yourself. Whatever you choose to do, I’ll try to make it worth your while.

UPDATE (9/25/2017): I stopped having fun with this a couple weeks ago, and in turn I stopped doing this a couple weeks ago.



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