A few more thoughts on Pyre

I’ve finally had a little more free time over the past few days, and I’ve dumped a good chunk of it into continuing Pyre‘s campaign. I knew I was going to like this game after a few minutes with it at PSX last year. I loved it after just a couple hours with it late last month. That love has only grown stronger as I’ve put more time into it.

Pyre logo
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•The core gameplay, the Rites, remain incredibly fun. Things have changed drastically as I’ve progressed through the campaign, saying goodbye to some of my companions and hello to some new ones. The variety of strengths and abilities, not to mention available play styles, between the different members of the Nightwings is impressive. I’m still trying to figure out my favorite combination, because so many members of the team bring so much to the table.

•Liberation Rites are the best/worst thing ever. I love the added stakes and the wrinkles they put into the game, but it’s tough to say goodbye to the ones who leave. Forcing you to pick from only your top three characters makes some of these choices excruciating, which of course makes the game better than it would be otherwise.

•The fact that there’s a bigger picture than just going around to different landmarks and taking on different teams makes the game even more enjoyable.

•I haven’t thrown a Rite yet, but the possibility is intriguing. I may change that stance given the right opposition in a Liberation Rite. Or, you know, I might stupidly activate a few Titan Stars and lose a match the old-fashioned way.

•Pyre looks absolutely gorgeous on my new 4K TV (Sony X900E). I don’t have a PS4 Pro though, so most of the game’s benefits are distant dreams for me.

•I’d guess I’m about halfway through the game, and I’ve already run into some significant frame rate drops and general slowdown in a couple Rites. I’m hopeful that the issues won’t continue, because I’d hate to enjoy this game any less just because it isn’t running all that well on my day one PS4.

I love this game. It’s as simple as that. Depending on how long it takes me to finish, I’ll either be back with more thoughts on the game or a proper review in the next week or so. Until then, I should probably get back to the Rites.

Are you playing Pyre? If not, what’s wrong with you? Let me know what you think of the game (and what other games you’re playing) in the comments below.


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