Columbus Day Weekend Recap

It’s Columbus Day. As you all know, that means basically nothing. It was still a weekend, though, which means there was plenty to enjoy on my TV screen.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
© Bethesda

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider feels familiar, largely working through the same gameplay and storytelling techniques of the two main games in the series. It’s also something completely new for me—Death of the Outsider is the first Dishonored game I’ve just played. I’m not doing a quick load every time something doesn’t go as I’d hoped (I am doing it sometimes, though), often opting for just kind of figuring things out instead of playing the perfect game.

It’s refreshing to be able to play a Dishonored game without feeling the need to avoid detection 100% of the time and without trying to stay completely non-lethal. I feel like, for the first time, I’m playing Dishonored the way it actually should be played instead of obsessing over whether things are going exactly the right way. It’s nice.

I’m about halfway through the game’s third chapter, and I can tell the fun is really just beginning. I can’t wait to dive back into it.


I didn’t really play Alphabear this weekend. I really just kind of glared at its frustrating images on my iPad while hating myself a little bit for still putting up with its awful ploys to get real money out of its players.

I still haven’t deleted it, though.


Friends has been filling the role of TV comfort food for me over the past few weeks. It continued to do it this weekend.

Sleepwalk With Me

Mike Birbiglia’s autobiographical feature debut, based on his acclaimed one-man show of the same name, is simply delightful. It’s 80 minutes of genuine humanity told through the lens of stand-up comedy and sleep disorders, and it’s a joy to watch from beginning to end.

It’s on Netflix and it’s short, so you really have no reason not to check it out.

Saturday Night Live

If this weekend’s episode is any indication, Saturday Night Live is in for an uneven season. Gal Gadot isn’t a comedian, made clear in many of her sketches this weekend, but the show didn’t really do much to work around that. Nothing seemed to click, with even the more enjoyable segments not really getting anywhere. Even Weekend Update, a usual highlight for me (and probably a lot of others), failed to generate the laughs it usually does.

Here’s to hoping it was just an off week and things will be back on track with this weekend’s episode, hosted by Kumail Nanjiani.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

My wife and I continued to (slowly) make our way through Yoshi’s Woolly World on Wii U. We played a handful of levels and found quite a bit of yarn. We also had some fun, which is probably the only thing that really needs to be said about this enjoyable but unspectacular game.

WWE Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell was better than last month’s No Mercy. That’s not saying much, but it was actually far more enjoyable. I called the opening match, Big E and Xavier Woods of The New Day vs. The Usos in a tornado tag Hell in a Cell, the match of the night when it ended. I stand by that ten hours removed from the show’s final moments. The match set the tone for a great night that didn’t really live up to it, but didn’t fall too far off course.

The other Hell in a Cell match, Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens, went nearly 40 minutes despite starting after most WWE pay-per-views have ended. The match had a lot of hard-hitting moments and a few creative spots and reversals, but it’s all about the final few sequences. Owens and McMahon spent way too long on top of the cell, and I was cringing every second they were up there. Nobody fell off or through the chain links I was certain would give, thankfully, but that doesn’t mean nothing stupid happened.

Shane McMahon took another leap off the top of the cell, because of course he did, and once again didn’t make contact with his intended target—you know, killing one of your top stars by landing on them from 20 feet in the air probably wouldn’t be a good look. The bump McMahon took looked bad, and I’m hoping that’s the last dumb thing he does in WWE. The story of Sami Zayn reuniting with Kevin Owens by saving him from the impact should be interesting to say the least, and I’m all for anything that: 1) gets Zayn and Owens on the same page, and 2) puts the criminally underutilized Sami Zayn anywhere near the main event picture.

Notice that the WWE Title wasn’t defended inside the cell, and that it wasn’t even in the semi-main event spot. The Jinder Mahal experiment failed months ago, and WWE has now ruined all the momentum behind and goodwill for Shinsuke Nakamura by feeding him to the most boring, least deserving WWE Champion in recent memory.

(Kind of) highlights: The US Title triple threat was mostly good, even if the offensively boring Baron Corbin walked out with the title. Bobby Roode picked up a win.

The rest of the bad: Charlotte and Natalya’s match was fine, nowhere near the quality of match the two of them could and should have had. Randy Orton vs. Rusev continues to leave me wanting something, anything, memorable from this feud.

Highlight: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Easily. I loved Dishonored and Dishonored 2, so it’s no surprise that I’m loving the next (final?) chapter in the franchise.

On the way: I have a rental of Dean out there in the ether just waiting for me to watch it. I didn’t have the time to see Blade Runner 2049 over the weekend, and this week sees Marshall and The Foreigner hitting theaters—I’m probably only going to be able to see one of them in theaters, and that’s going to be Blade Runner 2049. I’m hoping to finish up Dishonored: Death of the Outsider before I pick up Middle-earth: Shadow of War tomorrow and throw all of my gaming time into it. So yeah, there’s a lot coming.

What did you watch/play/enjoy/whatever this weekend? Let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Columbus Day Weekend Recap

  1. I still haven’t finished Dishonored 2 but I’m doing a Let’s Play of it. I really want to pick up Death of the Outsider though. I spent most of my weekend playing Gundam Versus and the Battlefront II open beta.


    • Dishonored 2 is so good. That’s one of those games I was kicking myself for not playing it sooner almost every second once I finally started playing it—especially two chapters I won’t say anything else about in case you haven’t gotten to them yet.

      How was the Battlefront beta? I’m mostly interested in what they do with the campaign, but I’m actually kind of looking forward to checking out the multiplayer too now that Fortnite Battle Royale has gotten me back into the multiplayer world.


      • I’m only on the part where I have to save Sokolov but I’m loving it. Want to finish this so I can do the Death of the Outsider.

        The Beta is pretty cool. It’s kind of like the first one but looks a lot better in my opinion. I’m excited to play the campaign especially since they said it’s canon to the Star Wars universe. Leveling is still kind of the same and piloting some of the vehicles is still kind of janky but overall I’m sold and will be picking it up in November.

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