Hi. I’m Topher.

I like to write. I like things. Consequently, I like to write about things. Most of my interests lie in the realm of ‘entertainment,’ so the bulk of the posts on here will be about video games and movies, with the occasional addition of TV, books, graphic novels, and other things I enjoy that I’m forgetting. Others will be about different topics entirely. I’m sure some will be about nothing at all.

I’ll also be posting some original creative works from time to time, most likely taking the form of short stories and excerpts from screenplays and longer fiction.

This site will undoubtedly evolve over time, and this page will be updated regularly (whatever that means) to accurately reflect its current incarnation.

Thanks for reading.

Twitter: @topherryals
PSN: ryheeles
Xbox Live: wokeupolder

I rarely use Instagram or Facebook, but I can be found there if you want to make things weird.