Baby Driver Review

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is a special kind of film. It’s fast, fun, thrilling, hilarious, and never too much of any one thing to prevent others from shining through. It exists in an almost perfect state of suspension, smoothly shifting gears between chase scenes, character building moments, and comedy-driven conversations throughout.

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What’s Going on with Sony, Marvel, and Spider-Man?

Here’s a hell of a thing to come back to after a weekend of getting lost in the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park: Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal has declared that Sony’s slate of Spider-Man adjacent movies, including the Tom Hardy starring Venom and a movie about Silver Sable and Black Cat, will exist in the same world as next month’s Spider-Man Homecoming, including the possibility of appearances by Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Homecoming is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios producer/MCU mastermind Kevin Feige has said that Venom and Sony’s other Spider-Man related titles will not be part of the MCU. Confused yet?

Let’s take a look at the possibilities here, from best case scenario to threat level midnight.

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E3(ish) Weekend Recap

This was a busy weekend—and it would have been even without the first few E3 press conferences. The move to New York is less than three weeks away, meaning it’s pretty much scramble time. This weekend’s moving related activities included: reaping the benefits of IKEA’s incredible return policy, selling a car, and buying what is simultaneously too much and definitely not enough bubble wrap.

Throw in three E3 press conferences this weekend (read my thoughts on the EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda conferences if you’d like) and you’ve got a recipe for a weekend pretty limited on entertainment.

And oh yeah, I bought a Switch yesterday (and all four games I said I’d get). I haven’t been able to play much yet, but I already love it. Here’s everything I watched and played that didn’t involve E3.

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War for the Planet of the Apes introduces us to Nova

War for the Planet of the Apes, the latest entry in the rebooted franchise, isn’t scheduled to hit theaters for over a month—which means 20th Century Fox is naturally doing everything possible to make sure that last month is excruciating to deal with. Between the two previous movies in the rebooted series, Matt Reeves’ filmography, and the trailers already released for War, it’s shaping up to be one of the summer’s most exciting movies.

Every teaser, trailer, and look released so far has shown the film’s potential to follow in its predecessors’ footsteps as a summer blockbuster with added depth. This latest look solidifies its potential to be something even bigger than that, though.

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Wonder Woman review

Congratulations are due to Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and everyone else involved in the making of Wonder Woman. Pulling in $103 million in its opening weekend, Wonder Woman now holds the record for highest opening for a movie directed by a woman and it is the highest opening for a female-fronted superhero movie. There’s unfortunately not a lot of competition on either front right now, but that’s hopefully going to change thanks to the success Wonder Woman has already achieved.

Now, let’s get to the review.

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Wonder Woman Weekend Recap

It’s June, which means we’re several weeks into unofficial summer and a couple weeks away from real summer. It also means the pre-move scramble to get everything packed/sold/taken care of is underway and I’m starting to lose it.

Here’s what I watched and played during the less crazy moments this weekend, which saw me once again fail to get a Nintendo Switch because I was at a movie theater when Best Buy opened.

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Baywatch review

2012’s 21 Jump Street brought a beloved TV drama to the big screen with a major tonal shift. It may have been based on a TV drama, but the movie stood (and still stands) as one of the best comedies in recent memory. Baywatch seemed like it might follow in those footsteps, and the casting of the genre-crossing Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, whose comedy skills became clear in 2014’s Neighbors, made success look likely. Looks can be deceiving, though.

Baywatch is never offensively bad, and there was never a point during its running time that made me want to leave the theater. But it’s also never good.

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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I spent the weekend at Disneyland with my wife and thousands upon thousands of strangers, so I didn’t really do a whole lot involving movies, TV, or games outside the context of the parks. I’ll be back with some extended thoughts on my two days spent at Disneyland in the next couple days. Until then, here are the few things I did watch and play over the weekend.

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