I still can’t (completely) quit physical media

Having moved twice in the last 14 months, I can safely say that I don’t want to own things. Every box and shelf that made its way from apartment to storage to new apartment back to storage and to another apartment had me questioning all of my major decisions to this point and asking a lot of questions.

Why do I own so much stuff? Is it okay to just, you know, not own so much stuff? How do I reconcile my desire for a more minimalist lifestyle with my love of movies and video games?

It’s complicated.

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A new TV (and other thoughts of the day)

Late post today, and probably a short one too. My wife and I are half-moved into our new place, which basically means what little we have with us is set up but the majority of our stuff is still in U-Haul’s possession and will be for a while. There’s been plenty to fill the time, though. More than enough. Here’s a bit of insight into it.

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Thoughts on Disneyland, Mission: Breakout, and too much time on my feet

Let’s start with a completely original thought that absolutely no one has had before: Disneyland is a pretty cool place.

I have a lot of nostalgia for Disney’s animated movies from the ’90s and earlier, and two Disney animated movies ranked among my favorites released last year. Mickey Mouse is and always will be a part of me. All this to say I love Disney, which makes me like many, many others out there. Star Wars is timeless. More importantly, I absolutely love Guardians of the Galaxy, which should be no surprise to anyone who’s read a certain pair of posts on this blog.

Between leaving California in a month and the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout, I didn’t really have a choice. My wife and I spent the weekend at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, and it was even better than I hoped it would be. I didn’t expect to spend nearly 30 hours on my feet between Saturday and Sunday, but that’s what happened. Those two days may have left me too exhausted to do much of value over the following couple days, but the long, tiring days were worth it—and then some.

We went on a lot of rides and did a lot of other things, so I’ll try to keep my thoughts on each as brief as I can.

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A mid-week update

I started and stopped a few different posts this morning, but it’s time to admit it’s not happening today. A busy week is getting busier, and my limited energy and brainpower has all been claimed by other subjects. So here’s an update on what I’ve been up to (other than failing to avoid the Guardians of the Galaxy marketing onslaught):

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Camping and its adverse effects on media consumption

I spent the majority of the last three days in the Mojave Desert, nestled between Joshua trees and surrounded by what I can only assume was an army of coyotes gathering in the middle of the night. I let myself slip away from technology and into nature for a couple days despite the absurd fact that my campsite on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park had full LTE service. Thanks to magic (or scheduled posts) everything was normal here despite my being elsewhere, physically and mentally.

All this to say I wasn’t exactly thinking about video games, movies, and the like over the past few days. This might have been a slightly different story if I had a certain game system, but it was a nice change of pace.

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The free time conundrum

I spent nearly sixty hours with Horizon Zero Dawn, and I haven’t touched a AAA game since. I’ve played a few smaller games on console and mobile, but I’ve been telling myself I don’t have time to get sucked into another big experience—even though most games on my to-play list aren’t nearly as big as Horizon. I just can’t afford to spend a few hours at a time playing a game right now, you know? I have a couple screenplays to work on and a novel to outline and there’s just not time.

But then I stayed up one-more-rounding Card Thief for almost three hours last night and I just don’t even know anymore.

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A look at WrestleMania 33

Slightly off topic post incoming…

WrestleMania is typically the most exciting WWE special (should we still call them pay-per-views?) every year. It’s the biggest, oldest show the company puts on. It’s “the grandest stage of them all”.

There are 12 confirmed matches at this point, but WWE clearly isn’t done setting this up. They have to fill, what, six hours with content? (Don’t get me started on why a four hour show needs a two hour pre-show)

Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s going down in 11 nights in Orlando, Florida.

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