Thoughts On The First Two Episodes Of GLOW

Netflix held the premiere for its latest series, the 1980s Los Angeles set wrestling dramedy GLOW, in Hollywood last night. If the first two episodes are any indication, the show is a must-watch. This isn’t quite a review, as I’d rather review the first season as a whole sometime after its release tomorrow, but here’s what I thought (spoiler free) of the first two episodes.

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E3(ish) Weekend Recap

This was a busy weekend—and it would have been even without the first few E3 press conferences. The move to New York is less than three weeks away, meaning it’s pretty much scramble time. This weekend’s moving related activities included: reaping the benefits of IKEA’s incredible return policy, selling a car, and buying what is simultaneously too much and definitely not enough bubble wrap.

Throw in three E3 press conferences this weekend (read my thoughts on the EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda conferences if you’d like) and you’ve got a recipe for a weekend pretty limited on entertainment.

And oh yeah, I bought a Switch yesterday (and all four games I said I’d get). I haven’t been able to play much yet, but I already love it. Here’s everything I watched and played that didn’t involve E3.

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Wonder Woman Weekend Recap

It’s June, which means we’re several weeks into unofficial summer and a couple weeks away from real summer. It also means the pre-move scramble to get everything packed/sold/taken care of is underway and I’m starting to lose it.

Here’s what I watched and played during the less crazy moments this weekend, which saw me once again fail to get a Nintendo Switch because I was at a movie theater when Best Buy opened.

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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I spent the weekend at Disneyland with my wife and thousands upon thousands of strangers, so I didn’t really do a whole lot involving movies, TV, or games outside the context of the parks. I’ll be back with some extended thoughts on my two days spent at Disneyland in the next couple days. Until then, here are the few things I did watch and play over the weekend.

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Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

I spent most of the weekend in San Diego, so this is going to be a lighter recap than most. Instead of sitting around and being generally awesome I actually went outside and did things. It was weird.

San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park. Lucha Libre Taco Shop. The Baked Bear. La Jolla Cove. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. Cabrillo National Monument. All fun, but they definitely limited my screen time this weekend. They couldn’t completely pull me away, though.

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Awesome Mix Weekend Recap

There was one obvious entry on this weekend’s agenda: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I saw it. I loved it. There’s a full review coming at some point over the next couple days, but for now I’ll give a couple thoughts on that and go into all the other things I used to distract myself from reality this weekend.

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April-ending Weekend Recap

Submissions for the Nicholl Fellowship are due tonight, which means I spent 90% of the weekend writing and rewriting and torturing myself to ‘finish’ a screenplay without taking time away from it to be able to properly assess what was working, what wasn’t, and what could be done with the whole thing. But I submitted it shortly after midnight (nearly 24 hours before deadline!) and threw it into the mix for the Austin Film Festival screenplay competition too.

Tip: maybe outline in some detail before writing your first draft so your second draft doesn’t feel like another first draft.

Bonus tip: maybe don’t let yourself bounce between ideas for a couple months, giving yourself about six weeks to create with something you’re marginally happy with to submit for the most important screenplay contest in existence.

Anyway… here’s all the stuff I entertained myself with this weekend.

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Earth saving Weekend Recap

This weekend was a lot more limited in its entertainment activities than typical weekends for me. This was totally because I was intentionally reducing my energy consumption for Earth Day, and it definitely had nothing to do with the multiple hours I put into the second draft/practically page one rewrite of this screenplay on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s rough.

I still had time for a few things, though.

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