Friday the 13th Weekend Recap

We’re officially into the second half of October, and I’ve once again become painfully aware of the speed of time whipping by and the crushing relentlessness of adulthood. Or maybe I’ve once again realized we’re closing in on the end of the year and that’s it. There’s really no way of knowing which it is. Here’s everything I watched and played this weekend to stave off the advancement of time:

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Thoughts on Ghosted and The Mayor

I always do my best to check out all the new shows I’m even remotely interested in every new season, even as I struggle to watch just about every other TV show in existence. I’m lucky to find a show or two I’m interested in following past its first few weeks, but it looks like that might be changing this year. I’ve only had the time to check out two new shows so far, but I’m planning on sticking with both of them—at least for the foreseeable future.

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Fall Weather Weekend Recap

Fall weather finally kicked in over the weekend… and it’s colder than I remember. I still love it, though, and I ended up spending a bit more time outside than I have the last couple weekends. There was still plenty of time to stay entertained thanks to the various screens in my apartment, though.

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Leaving Netflix Syndrome: A 30 Rock Story

I’m in the middle of a monthly tradition right now. You might be familiar with it: I find out what’s leaving Netflix next month, vow to watch as much of it as possible before that happens, and watch roughly zero percent of it before it disappears from my list without a trace.

It’s not that I don’t want to watch the movies and shows that are leaving Netflix. It’s not that I don’t care about them. I do. But the Netflix list isn’t a reality. It’s a dream, truer and more optimistic than any other. It’s a snapshot of everything I ever hope to achieve but, sadly, never will.

Or maybe it’s just way too many movies and TV shows for anyone to reasonably watch, with more added by the second. Either way, things are different this time.

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First days of fall Weekend Recap

There are a few good things about being back on the east coast right now instead of being in beautiful southern California. One of those things is fall weather. I love the cool air, gentle breezes, everything pumpkin spice and any excuse to wear a hoodie all day. Of course none of that’s been happening and the weather’s been pushing 90º for the last few days with more warm weather on the way.

But hey, that gave me more of an excuse to stay inside to watch and play a lot this weekend.

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Record-breaking Weekend Recap

It set a few box office records over the weekend. Pulling in $117 million over its opening weekend, It holds records for largest September opening, largest fall opening, and largest horror film opening (R-rated and in general). Check out Box Office Mojo for a little more information.

It unfortunately didn’t fit into my weekend plans thanks to my wife and I both being a little sick and our dog needing more than a little attention. Here’s what I did manage to watch and play over the weekend.

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