Columbus Day Weekend Recap

It’s Columbus Day. As you all know, that means basically nothing. It was still a weekend, though, which means there was plenty to enjoy on my TV screen.

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First days of fall Weekend Recap

There are a few good things about being back on the east coast right now instead of being in beautiful southern California. One of those things is fall weather. I love the cool air, gentle breezes, everything pumpkin spice and any excuse to wear a hoodie all day. Of course none of that’s been happening and the weather’s been pushing 90º for the last few days with more warm weather on the way.

But hey, that gave me more of an excuse to stay inside to watch and play a lot this weekend.

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How many streaming services do we really need?

I currently subscribe to three different streaming services, have another included with my Amazon Prime membership, and have access to another through the cable subscription Comcast all but forced on me when I moved (which I’ll almost definitely be subscribing to once that’s finished).

That barely scratches the surface of the streaming possibilities out there.

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SummerSlam Weekend Recap

Two U-Haul boxes filled with all the physical junk I’m sure I don’t need in my life finally arrived on Friday, so this weekend was mostly made up of unpacking boxes, figuring out where all the frivolous crap I own could go, and hoping I can get rid of pretty much all of it before my next move. Still, there was some time for entertainment this weekend—primarily the weekend’s nine hours of WWE content.

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Comic-Con Weekend Recap

Quick personal life update: I lost all interest in living in New York City after spending a few days there. The quick summary on my life as of today is that mistakes have been made and it looks like I’m going to be living in Maryland for the next year or so. But hey, at least now I know that LA is absolutely where I want and need to be right now. That’s a positive, right?

With that, let’s move on to the entertainment. We all know that’s what really matters anyway.

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Web-Slinging Weekend Recap

I had a long week of driving, so this weekend had my body on autopilot as my brain struggled to function properly. A lot of my time went to walking around Brooklyn and being overwhelmed by the rental situation in the nicer parts of the city. I knew prices were high and places were small, but I somehow had no idea how high the prices could be considering how small the places are. Nearly all of my remaining time was spent sleeping in various locations throughout the Airbnb my wife and I are staying in, but we found a little time for entertainment.

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Wonder Woman Weekend Recap

It’s June, which means we’re several weeks into unofficial summer and a couple weeks away from real summer. It also means the pre-move scramble to get everything packed/sold/taken care of is underway and I’m starting to lose it.

Here’s what I watched and played during the less crazy moments this weekend, which saw me once again fail to get a Nintendo Switch because I was at a movie theater when Best Buy opened.

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April Fools’/WrestleMania Weekend Recap

I did a lot this weekend, including spending well over a third of Sunday watching professional wrestling. Literally. I couldn’t catch NXT TakeOver Orlando live, so I watched it Sunday morning followed by over seven hours of WrestleMania later in the day. Because yes, a four hour show with a two hour pre-show needs to go over by more than hour.

That’s not all I did, though. In fact, this might have been my most packed weekend of entertainment so far this year.

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