Wonder Woman Weekend Recap

It’s June, which means we’re several weeks into unofficial summer and a couple weeks away from real summer. It also means the pre-move scramble to get everything packed/sold/taken care of is underway and I’m starting to lose it.

Here’s what I watched and played during the less crazy moments this weekend, which saw me once again fail to get a Nintendo Switch because I was at a movie theater when Best Buy opened.

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April Fools’/WrestleMania Weekend Recap

I did a lot this weekend, including spending well over a third of Sunday watching professional wrestling. Literally. I couldn’t catch NXT TakeOver Orlando live, so I watched it Sunday morning followed by over seven¬†hours of WrestleMania later in the day. Because yes, a four hour show with a two hour pre-show needs to go over by more than hour.

That’s not all I did, though. In fact, this might have been my most packed weekend of entertainment so far this year.

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